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September 30, 2019 | by: Aaron Armstrong

ALL ‘Forever 21’ locations in Canada set to close by the end of the year… forever

In an announcement, global retailer Forever 21 has announced they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and will be closing all 44 retail locations in Canada.

The retailer announced the Canadian store closures will happen by the end of the year.

The majority of store closures don’t just include Canada, but the majority of their stores in Europe & Asia as well.

In total, they plan to close up to 350 stores worldwide.

The retailer has over 500 stores operating across the US alone, which will see up to 178 locations close.

Due to more & more customers continuing to order clothes & other products online, Forever 21 isn’t the only retailer facing store closures — Gap, Victoria’s Secret, JCPenney and Abercombie & Fitch among others are facing location closings in the near future as well.


Photo Source: Getty Images