September 6, 2018 | by: Aaron Armstrong

Anglophone East launches pilot program, install cameras on bus to catch motorists passing stop arm

As the new school year begins, friendly reminders spread on social media to STOP when you see a school bus with their flashing lights & STOP arm extended.

…Unfortunately, some drivers don’t quite seem to get the memo — as bus drivers have reported up to 10 incidents per day of vehicles ignoring the law.

Anglophone East, in collaboration with the Department of Education Early Childhood Development and the RCMP, have launched a pilot project to deter drivers from passing school buses with red lights flashing by installing cameras on the exterior of one of our buses.”

These installed cameras will provide clear images of both the front & rear license plates from anyone driving past the bus as its lights are flashing.

“The RCMP will use these images and the bus driver’s information to follow up with those involved with these infractions.

The project will be closely monitored by all parties in hopes we will see a reduction in violations and more enforcement of those who break this law. Our next steps will be determined upon the completion of this project. Fines for passing a school bus with lights flashing range from $292.50 and three demerit points to $6,244.50.”

The remaining buses without cameras will continue to note & report vehicles (and their drivers) that pass by their flashing lights to police.