Ariana Grande's new hand tattoo blunder shows singer's love for Tiny BBQ Grills - Blog - K945
January 30, 2019 | by: Aaron Armstrong

Ariana Grande’s new hand tattoo blunder shows singer’s love for Tiny BBQ Grills

We’ve all got at least one friend who’s got a tattoo with foreign lettering — it’s a fad that refuses to stop, despite fears some have of being duped with insulting or hilarious phrases, rather than the words they think it means.

I’d be okay with Spicy Tuna Roll, actually.

Early this morning, Ariana Grande showed off a photo of her new palm tattoo — before deleting if off her Instagram after learning from fans that her cute Japanese tattoo did not, in fact, translate to 7 Rings” (named after her latest single 7 Rings, off her upcoming album Thank U, Next).

Turns out it translates to “Shichirin” — a type of small Japanese BBQ grill.

Seriously, though — I think Arie should really embrace this tattoo, rather than try to fix it; just have fun with it! After all — She’s a Barbie Grill, in a Barbie World!