Authorities issuing tickets to kids at Moncton skate parks — For a very good reason

July 5, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Normal: people being issued tickets for bad behaviour at skate parks.

Odd: kids being ticketed for actually wearing safety gear at skate parks.

COOL: tickets can win them great prizes!

Starting on Canada Day, the NB Department of Health created a pilot program to encourage folks to wear helmets & safety gear when skateboarding/biking & using scooters — they teamed up with the RCMP & select cities in the Greater Moncton Area to hand out tickets to those wearing their helmets.

The tickets have a ballot on one side that can be filled out & put in a draw to win prizes — some of the prizes include bicycles, helmets & other gear.

If positive feedback continues, this pilot project may be going province-wide next year!

Remember: it’s not just the kids who need helmets in skate parks.


*Photo creds to Aeroview, Dronestagram

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