Canadian accent ranked “one of the Sexiest Accents in the World” ….Eh

January 11, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

What makes a “Sexy Canadian,” you ask??

Forget the flannel, maple syrup, toques, beards, & poutines (okay — that one may have gone too far) —- All you need is our accent, according to a new poll by¬†Ranker.

Unless you’re Colin Mochrie, you’ve got no¬†sexiness without that accent.

The Canadian accent has landed us in 10th place — Here are the full results:

  1. Irish
  2. Spanish
  3. Australian/Kiwi
  4. British
  5. French
  6. Italian
  7. Swedish
  8. Scandinavian (Finland, Norway, Denmark)
  9. Portugese (Brazilian)
  10. English (Canadian)
  11. German
  12. Japanese
  13. Central Latin
  14. Russian
  15. Spangish (blend)
  16. Greek
  17. Southern English
  18. Texan English
  19. Korean
  20. South American


Check out the full poll here!

Photo creds: Monty Python – Lumberjack Song

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