Congrats NB Runners!

April 18, 2017 | by: toshwood

A huge congrats to all Runners in yesterdays marathon, but a huge shout out to our local Runners!

Riverview’s Colin McQuade, 2:46:13 (Best Mens NB Runner time)

Dieppe’s Daniel Leblanc, 2:49:28

Riverview’s Kevin Murphy, 3:26:20

Moncton’s Serge Roy, 3:34:27

Riverview’s Bob Forbes, 3:36:23

Dieppe’s Claude Degrace, 3:44:55

Moncton’s John Dalliare, 3:47:27

Riverview’s Mike McNeill, 3:50:17

Moncton’s Pat OBrien, 3:53:31

Moncton’s Nicole Barrieau 3:57:57

Dieppe’s Ken Mitton, 3:59:20

Moncton’s Diane Baxter, 3:59:24

Moncton’s Anne Pellerin, 4:09:02

Moncton’s Pat Veysey, 4:22:18

Moncton’s Larry Peacock, 4:22:24

Moncton’s Susan Edgett, 4:24:05

Moncton’s Julie McGivery, 6:50….might I add is 32 weeks pregnant…I promise you at 32 weeks pregnant I was barely walking up a flight of stairs, not running a MARATHON! Good on ya girl!!




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