Dermatologists warn against TANNING USING COCA-COLA

June 19, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

…Shouldn’t this already be a given??

The #1 product dermatologists recommend — to stay away from — is Coca-Cola.

…Consuming Coca-Cola isn’t the issue — tanning using Coca-Cola is the issue!

^Not how you use Coca-Cola.

Dermatologists are saying there is absolutely no scientific proof that using Coca-Cola will in fact give a tan-tastic glow on your skin, no matter how much Coke you douse yourself in — it will, however, attract ants & potentially Yogi Bear to your backyard.

Ross could be a spokesperson for this stuff — don’t do it.



More info here: MSN

*Photo creds to Zoolander 2; Paramount Pictures

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