Drive-By-Pizza’ing can get you charged with assault

July 11, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Who would’ve thought throwing a slice of pizza from a moving car can actually get you charged with assault??

An 18-year-old learned this the hard way Sunday night in Newfoundland!

Buddy ordered a pizza — and it’s unclear whether or not he got bored and wanted wanted to throw his pizza at someone he knew for “fun” …but fun is not what he got afterwards!

So he’s driving around, sees a guy he knows minding his own business on his property — buddy with the pizza speeds by and throws a slice of pizza at him! To be honest, I think he called police because buddy was a poor shot and missed throwing him the slice of pizza!

It didn’t hit him, but he called police and showed cops video surveillance on his property with the pizza slice being thrown at this guy!

That being said: don’t ever waste your pizza. Someone you may know may hunt you down for wasting a perfectly good slice.

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