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May 29, 2019 | by: Aaron Armstrong

You can fish without a license or guide this weekend in NB during “Fish NB Days”

Time to dig out your lucky fishing pants & lures — this weekend in New Brunswick, you & the famjam can enjoy fishing without the need of a license or guide during the second Fish NB Days!

Think of all that prime fish just waiting to see those worms floating!

Through Fish NB Days, you now have the opportunity to fish twice a year without a license — there are more than 2,500 lakes and 60,000km of rivers & brooks with a wide variety of species to fish.

Fish NB Days is a fun way to enjoy recreational fishing and our province’s natural beauty. Twice yearly, during the Family Day long weekend in February (February 15-17, 2020) and in the first weekend of June (June 1-2, 2019), residents and non-residents can fish without a licence or guide.

All current catch limits, closures and other restrictions are still in effect during Fish NB Days.

Access to private waters, Crown reserve waters and Crown leases is still restricted. Anglers are advised to check with their local fishing-tackle retailer or with an experienced angler to find a location where children are most likely to enjoy the experience. 

Get out and enjoy the thrill of fishing in the summer or in the winter. Any season is a great time for family and friends to connect with some of New Brunswick’s greatest natural resources – our lakes, rivers, streams and the fish that live in them.

Note: Anglers wishing to retain landlocked salmon from 48cm to 63cm (fork length) require a licence with tags.

Photo Source: Tourism New Brunswick