Fun Facts: New Brunswick Inventions

April 11, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

It’s always amazing to learn when things we commonly use throughout every day life was created in our home province of New Brunswick.

  • Scuba tank, James Elliot and Alexander McAvity, Saint John, 1839.
  • Compound steam engine, Benjamin F. Tibbets, Fredericton, 1845.
  • Snow blower, Robert Carr Harris, Dalhousie, 1870.
  • Sardine cans, Henry T. Austin, Black’s Harbour, 1932.
  • Clothes washer with roller wringer, John E. Turnbull, Saint John, 1843.
  • Combined hot and cold water faucets, Thomas Campbell, Saint John, 1880.
  • Crossword game, Edward R. MacDonald, Shediac, 1926.
  • Dump-box for trucks (ie Dump Truck), Robert T. Mawhinney, Saint John, 1920.
  • Ganong Brothers Ltd., St. Stephen, are the first in Canada to produce lollipops (1895), to use cellophane packaging (1920), to make peppermint rolls (1926), and to sell Valentine candy in heart-shaped boxes (1932).
  • Steam Engine, Benjamin E. Tibbets, Fredericton, 1845.
  • Cold Water Detergent,  Andrew J. Stewart, Saint John, 1871.
  • Luggage Tags, John Mitchell Lyons, Moncton, 1881.
  • Inverted Saw Tooth, Philias Bertrand, Saint John, 1895.
  • Variable Pitch Propeller (allows for safety & efficiency at different speeds), Wallace R. Turnbull, Saint John, 1922.
  • Underwater Cable Ferry, William Pitt, Reeds point, 1904.
  • Vortex-Flushing Toilet Bowl (self-cleansing toilet bowl), Thomas McAvity Stewart’s, Saint John, 1907.
  • Speed Skates, James Whelpley, Westfield, 1859.
  • Steam Foghorn, Robert Foulis, Saint John, 1853.
  • McFlurry, Ron McLellan, Bathurst, 1995.


*Photo source: McDonald’s

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