Heinz fuses the best condiments together, sells in stores: “Mayochup”

April 12, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

Heinz has done it again.

We all know that Mayo and Ketchup are two of THE BEST condiments known to man — If one can’t get the job done, the other can.

Sometimes, though — a food comes along that needs a heavier hitter… Just like in wrestling, sometimes a tag team is the only way to rein victorious.

If only Jay knew about MAYOCHUP when he was eating his fries.

This is in no way a new thing — but it was inevitable to see one of (if not) the biggest condiment company in the world join in on the craze:

Ketchup & Mayo combined. MAYOCHUP.

The combinations. The possibilities. It’s just too much!

Here’s hoping it’ll reach Canadian stores soon!!

True that, Dale.

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