Housing prices up nationally, staying the same in Moncton

April 19, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Housing prices have reached new highs again in Canada, though our market here in Moncton they are staying about the same, in fact the average went slightly down in the city.

Canadian housing market has gone up 1.1 percent, a lot of that in the greater Toronto area, though gains were felt in three quarters of the markets.

A bungalow in Moncton dropped almost two percent, a two-storey home stayed flat. Experts have said that the market staying around the same may have something to do with the property tax assessments not shaking down completely yet, so that is causing uncertainty in the marketplace province-wide.

If you take Toronto and Vancouver out of the national calculation, the country’s average home price drops by over 150k!

Read more here for a national look and here for a local look!

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