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July 30, 2020 | by: TonyEnman

Instead of working from home…work from Barbados

If you’re tired of working from home and need a change of scenery, why not head to Barbados for a year?

The government of Barbados is going to start offering 12 month work visas which means you will be able to work from (and call) Barbados home.

Applications will be accepted through their portal website and they hope to have applications processed in 72-hours.

The government and health officials say that Barbados is ahead of the curve when it comes to dealing with COVID-19 …¬†officials have set up two facilities dedicated solely to COVID-19 patients¬†to keep them out of hospitals. The two isolation wards are capable of housing more than 200 people.

There is a minimum requirement of salary, but if you meet it, you can turn sandy beaches and hammocks into the office for, well as long as you want!