Is Daylight Savings Time pointless?

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March 8, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

For most people, Daylight Savings Time means losing an hour of sleep (and gaining it back half a year later).

Is it really that important, though? Why do we do it?? What good actually comes from Daylight Savings Time???

Huffington Post:

“Daylight saving time, which runs until the fall, was widely adopted during World War Two as an energy-saving measure. The rationale was that a later sunset meant people would spend fewer hours using lights inside their homes in the evening.

But studies have generally failed to show significant energy savings associated with the shift.

In North America, only two states & a handful of territories have been successful in banning Daylight Savings Time (Hawaii, most of Arizona).

“When clocks… spring forward by an hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, it will likely prompt an increase in heart attacks and strokes, cause more car accidents and reduce worker productivity, according to studies. It will also fail to cut the nation’s energy bill, contrary to what the experts once believed.

In December, a psychology journal published results showing that federal judges handed out sentences that were on average 5 percent longer the day after daylight saving time began than those given out one week before or after.

Disruptions, even minor ones, to human beings’ sleep patterns can have outsized effects, according to researchers.

“Our study suggests that sudden, even small changes in sleep could have detrimental effects,” Amneet Sandhu of the University of Colorado told Reuters in 2014 after his study of Michigan hospital data showed a 25 percent jump in heart attacks on the Monday after daylight saving time began.”

Just recently, Florida lawmakers have approved a bill to keep Daylight Savings Time  going throughout the whole year in the state — what they’re calling the Sunshine Protection Act.

Do you think Canadian provinces should look into eliminating Daylight Savings Time?? There are a few exceptions within select provinces & territories, like most of Saskatchewan, that don’t follow Daylight Savings Time — the rest of us, though, change our clocks twice a year. We’d love to hear your opinion on our K945 Facebook thread!


Photo source: PTBO Canada

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