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June 7, 2018 | by: Aaron Armstrong

Have Italian scientists created a PIZZA that can prevent cancer?

Big news coming out of Naples this week after a combination of scientists & chefs claim of a pizza creation that can prevent cancer & heart disease!

The pizza in question is called Pizza Pascalina — Italian scientists dub it as an “anti-tumour pizza” and the pizza that “extends life.”

“The researchers of the National Cancer Institute – IRCCS “FondazioneG.Pascale” have created a new pizza with first quality ingredients selected to protect health, specifically that of the heart and neoplasms of the digestive system.” 

This is different than the traditional pizza we know & love, though — this has no meat or cheese whatsoever on it (as meat can contribute to heart disease). Instead, it’s made of a wheat flour base & includes tomatoes, garlic, chilli, olives and extra virgin olive oil, & rapini broccoli.

The institute says it is healthy enough to eat twice a week.

Why do all the healthiest things always look the grossest. Seriously!

The ingredients, while some may call bizarre, were chosen for their health benefits — reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease along with some digestive cancers.

It’s based off a Mediterranean Diet, which is well known for its health benefits with tackling obesity & heart problems, to name a few.

We already knew the health benefits that pizza provides, due to the use of tomatoes in the sauce — this just helps us narrow down the precise type of pizza that’ll maximize the health benefits for us!

Soon, we’ll be invincible. All because of pizza.

Mama mia!



Photo source: Pizza Pascalina