Loblaws mailing out $25 gift cards following bread price fixing, demanding proof of ID from some

March 12, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

Following the bread price fixing scheme being outed, Loblaws is now mailing out those $25 Loblaws gift cards to people who signed up to receive them — you have until May 8, 2018 to register.

Since the gift cards have begun rolling out, however, Loblaws is starting to request select customers, who have signed up to receive a Loblaw card, to show ID  or credentials to prove who they are before they send off the customer’s gift card in the mail.

When signing up, Section D (Verification) has a checkbox that reads “[I understand, confirm and agree that] The Program Administrator may contact me as the Program Administrator deems appropriate for more information about my registration form, including requesting appropriate forms of ID.”

It could be a copy of their driver’s license or even a bill that’s in their name — something to prove that the customer isn’t scamming Loblaws.

…Which some customers are finding rather ironic.

Loblaws is clearly trying to ensure that fraud doesn’t become an issue, but people don’t believe the company should rightfully be asking for authenticity after scamming customers from their income for 13 years.

If you haven’t yet signed up for your $25 Loblaws gift card, you can register for it here.

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