September 5, 2018 | by: Aaron Armstrong

109-year-old woman exploits loophole, makes restaurant pay her to eat there on her birthday

It’s something we love to do — Find the ultimate restaurant that dishes out the best deals for patrons celebrating their birthday.

Helen Self, of Montana (Montana’s oldest living person, at that), did just that on her birthday because she knows it can really pay off — literally.

Ever since she turned 99 years young, Helen has made it a birthday tradition to head to the Montana Club restaurant for a lil’ b’day din-din.

They offer a “Discount your age” style deal — for example; if you’re age 30, you get 30% off your bill.

The wheels started turning once she hit 100.

Last month on August 17, for her 109th birthday, Helen ordered her annual loaded baked potato, salad, & prawn dinner — ate it all, then was paid $1.25 for dining.

The only time she’s had to pay for her meal there, was the first year — when she turned 99.


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