December 28, 2017 | by: toshwood

Meet the “Tuxy”…yes it’s a onesie!

Derek Martin and brothers Marcel and Mario LeBlanc are the co-creators of the Tuxy, a one-piece built to look like a two-piece.

“We had the idea of creating the ultimate onesie, something that you’d want to wear on your cheat day or after a long day of snowboarding, after a long day of hiking or surfing around the campfire,” Martin said.

Ideal for “epic adventures or chilling at home” and “perfect for binge eating,” the onesie for grownups is getting international attention.

The Moncton-area men said they launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Tuxy with no expectations.

Within 24 hours, they raised their goal amount of $15,000 in pre-order sales through the crowdfunding site. – CBC