Monctonian Wesley Babin wins Grade 4-6 category in ‘Google 4 Doodle’ contest

June 14, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Congratulations to 4th grader Monctonian, Wesley Babin, one of Google’s Doodle 4 Google contest winners!

Wesley came 1st in the ‘Grade Group Winner, Grade 4-6‘ category — out of 11,000 applicants!!
His sculpture is entitled “A Mechanical Canada.”

Wesley was the only winner to feature a 3D sculpture design in the contest — the rest were art designs.

Wesley, along with the other 2 runner-ups for the national prize, will be taking home a $5,000 technology award for their current schools, as well a Chromebook laptop!

He & his family also got to check out the Doodle 4 Google awards ceremony in Toronto yesterday at the Art Gallery of Ontario!

Fantastic design, Wesley!!

The National Prize winner, Jana Sofia Panem of Ontario, on top of a Chromebook & having her Doodle featured on the Google homepage later this year, took home a $10,000 university scholarship & $10,000 technology award to her current school — her Doodle is entitled “A Bright Future.”

Check out Doodle 4 Google website for more winning entries!

*Photo creds to Guy LeBlanc; Google

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