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March 14, 2019 | by: Aaron Armstrong

More fake bills circulating Moncton businesses

Back in mid-January, multiple small businesses in Moncton began reporting customers attempting to pass off counterfeit bills as legitimate cash.

It seems the issue isn’t over, as a department store in north end Moncton experienced a customer attempting to purchase items with phony 1980s “Birds of Canada” bills Thursday night.

These fakes are easily identifiable — having used black ink as the metallic foil, as well the $100 bills were heavily pixelated/smudgy & green in colour (the Birds of Canada edition $100 bill ink is brown). The fake red $50 bill was worn down/beat up to try & simulate the feeling of actual money, but had been worn through to expose the plain white paper it was printed on.

The customer reportedly told the cashier they had sold a bicycle to someone that handed them the phony money in exchange for the bike, & were unaware the cash was fake.

Back in January, this bill was attempted to be passed off as legal tender by a customer in a Moncton business

That said, it’s worth it to review over security features from each series of bills — what to look for when accepting cash.

Bank of Canada – Birds of Canada series

Bank of Canada – Canadian Journey series

Bank of Canada Frontiers series