June 13, 2018 | by: Aaron Armstrong

New NB school nutrition policy to ban chocolate milk & juices

The province of New Brunswick has unveiled new alterations to its school nutrition policy today.

A moment of silence for chocolate milk & juices in school :'(

It requires foods to be of a higher nutritional value; ie lower in saturated fat, sugar and sodium.

This new policy applies to vending machine food & snacks, canteens, breakfast/lunch programs, even fundraisers.

A study out of the University of New Brunswick shows that, over a period of 5 years, students that were barred from purchasing less nutritional foods weighed about 2lbs less on average than students who purchased whatever food they wanted — it showed improvements in younger children & teens, but not so much in more mature teens. Likely because they were allowed to leave school grounds during lunch have wider access to fast foods & less nutritional treats.

Fun fact…? NB was the first province to bar junk food sales in its schools.