Nintendo re-releasing the NES Classic in 2018

nes classic
September 12, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Following the disaster of limited stock on the NES Classic — Nintendo has made some big announcements for both the upcoming SNES Classic AND the “discontinued” NES Classic!

Now’s your chance to see 8-bit action in glorious 720p! …What a time to be alive.

First off, Nintendo announced they’ll be stocking the SNES Classic throughout 2018 — which means less customers will be forced to turn to scalpers for a $100 console with a jacked-up price of $500+. Not even exaggerating on that number — look at what Monctonians are selling the Classics for.


Nintendo has also announced, via their Japanese Twitter account, their NES Classic systems were only “temporarily discontinued” from production — and that they’ll be returning to stores in 2018!!


….This is GREAT news — and if you’re worried that only the Famicom Classic will be sold in stores again, you’re wrong.

Every Nintendo fanboy is currently fangirling at this news.


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