Parents install overnight nanny cam to see why twin toddlers are tired all day

March 20, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Picture this: It’s 2am. Do you know what your toddlers are doing??

The answer could surprise you! …But probably not

Some parents in New York were curious what their kids were up to at night once put to bed — because it seemed like they were ALWAYS tired through the day!

They put up a nanny cam so they could keep an eye on things & figure out why their kids were always tired!

Turns out they’ve been skipping overnight nap time & having a gymnastics roll-around session instead!

They climbed out of their cribs, lined up pillows along the floor and did a bunch of flips & running around!

…Dad shows up a quarter of the way into their wild party fest, and they pretend to be knocked out cold asleep on a pile of pillows that magically made it to the floor! Dad puts them back to bed, leaves, and the kids do it all over again!

They place pillows all over the place, take their mattresses out of their cribs to do flips, then mom and dad show up to give them a stern talking to & ruin their fun!

After the parents leave, the twins stay in bed for about another minute or two — then go right back at it!

The video is hilarious!


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