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January 13, 2020 | by: Aaron Armstrong

Avoid a $172.50 fine & court appearance: How to remove snow & ice from your car

We probably should have shared these with you BEFORE this morning — because it’s going to take you a loooong time to clear off your car if you weren’t at it periodically throughout the day yesterday.

Believe us — THIS is how it felt scraping everything off last night.

No one likes a vehicle covered in snow or ice — especially when said vehicle is in motion, hardly cleared off.

Don’t let this be you. Always try to clear all snow & ice off your hood/roof/trunk/lights before driving.

It could save you from getting a ticket or accident — it could even save a life.

Here are some tips to help clear snow & ice off your car:

  • Use an extended arm foam brush to clear snow off with ease OR for those high, hard-to-reach areas
  • Turn the A/C on in your vehicle with the temperature setting on Hot, to defrost your windows inside faster (it uses dry air, evaporating moisture faster & longer)
  • If you have a jug of washer fluid or de-icer kicking around, pour some on the windshield to aid with scraping
  • Use a vinegar-water mixture if you don’t have de-icer (three-parts vinegar, one-part water mixture in a spray bottle)
  • REMEMBER YOUR LICENSE PLATE! It’s easy to forget, but illegal to drive with anything obstructing view of your rear license plate
  • If you have access to one, keep your vehicle in a garage on days/nights you know are going to snow
  • Use a snow blanket to keep your car free from ice & snow