Pumpkin Spiced Goodies & SMILE COOKIES are back at Tims!!

September 11, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

You know it’s getting closer to fall when Tim Hortons rolls out the Pumpkin Spiced treats & drinks!

Time for the Pumpkin Spice Dance!

Double the September goodness — it’s also the Tim Hortons SMILE COOKIE campaign!!!

We have been waiting patiently for this moment all year!

The Tims Smile Cookie campaign runs from today (September 11) until Sunday (September 17) — When you purchase a Smile Cookie, your full $1 (not including tax) goes toward helping many different aspects — Timbits Minor Sports, Coaching Aids, & even local Clinics!

Last year, the Corey Craig Group here in Southeasern NB saw over $83,000 raised! LET’S BEAT THAT NUMBER THIS YEAR!


Not only did I get a Smile Cookie this morning — I also picked up Tims’ top-secret “Pumpkin SpIced Capp” which you can’t directly order — but I’ll share the secret!

Order your preferred choice of Iced Capp — then ask for a shot of Pumpkin Spice!

Mind = blown. You will not regret it.



*Photo creds to Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign

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