‘RRRoll Up the Rim To Win’ is back at Tims!

February 7, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

Time to sweat & get in some thumb training!

Starting today: RRRoll Up the Rim To Win is baaaaack!!


There are 36,000,000 prizes available to be won, with 1-in-6 odds of winning coffee & food prizes!!

50 all new 2018 Honda Civics!

500 prizes of FREE COFFEE FOR A YEAR!

100 $500 prepaid credit cards!

50,000 $50 Tims cards!

MILLIONS of Coffees, Lattes & food prizes available to be won!

New this year: order through their mobile Tims app and “SCRRRoll Up To Win” rewards!

Even specially marked Tims Take Home packs in grocery stores can help you “RRRoll Up at Home!”

There are SO MANY ways to win now!

I’m at 0 for 1 so far, we’ll see how it pans out through the season!

“Winning coffee tabs can be redeemed for any hot beverage, including a latte, tea or hot chocolate!”

Good luck!!

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