February 4, 2019 | by: Aaron Armstrong

“RRRoll Up the Rim to Win” returns TODAY! With multiple ways to play!

Time to start getting your thumbs into high gear –Tims is RRRolling their RRRoll Up the Rim to Win contest has returned!!

RRRoll Up the Rim to Win returns to Canada Wednesday, February 6, running until April 17 (or while supplies last) — and the prizes keep getting bigger & better each year. This year’s prizes total $71,325,038 — and also includes a RRRoll Up the Rim Social Media Contest!

  • 40 2019 Jeep Compass North 4×4 SUVs
  • 100 $5,000 CDN CIBC Prepaid Card prizes
  • 1,000 GT Aggressor Sport Bicycles from SportChek
  • 50,000 $50 CDN TimCard® gift card prizes
  • 43,337,940 Coffee & Food prizes

Looking for a vehicle upgrade? This could be your chance!

Atlantic Provinces (as a whole) will see a total of 5 of the Jeeps, 11 of the $5,000 CIBC Prepaid Cards, 116 of the GT Aggressor Sport Bikes, & 5,807 of the $50 Tims gift cards.

They’ve added a #RollUpTheRim Social Media Contest as well, playable through Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram:

Instagram: Post a unique & original photo of yourself with a RRRoll Up the Rim to Win Contest Cup & include the hashtags #RollUpTheRim and #SocialContest

Facebook: Visit the Tims Facebook page & locate a Contest post, then post a photo comment of yourself with a RRRoll Up the Rim to Win Contest Cup

Twitter: Post a photo of yourself with a RRRoll Up the Rim to Win Contest Cup, using the hashtags #RollUpTheRim and #SocialContest

Essay Entry (via Facebook): No RRRoll Up the Rim cup necessary — Head to the Tims Facebook page & send them a message that includes your first name & email address, along with a 50-word (or more) essay on “I Love Roll Up The Rim To Win.”

While the Cups wrap up in stores April 17, you have until the end of May 3rd to claim your prizes.

You also have the opportunity to play without purchasing a drink, as well! You can mail Tim Hortons for a free cup request (by April 17) — See the complete list of rules for details.