Official Sega Genesis Mini announced, rivaling Nintendo’s classic mini consoles

April 16, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

For their 30th anniversary, Sega officially has announced their entrance back into the console gaming realm over the weekend — saying their latest creation will be releasing in “the US and other territories later this year.”

…In miniature form.

Okay — they’ve unveiled the “Sega Mega Drive,” which was the European/Japanese version of the Sega Genesis… And if you feel the Sega Genesis has seen its fair share of mini console renditions, it’s because yes, they have. The latest mini version is from AtGames, which doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for their systems having amazing detail-for-detail emulation (which is what the fans want), but hey — at least you can play your actual game cartridges on the latest AtGames Genesis system, which you can’t do on Nintendo’s mini systems.

Sure, it had Sonic… And that’s about it… But don’t you forget it!

No further details have been released… But at this point, Sega had better start hopping onboard with marketing the Dreamcast Mini & Master System Mini!


*Photo Source: Sega

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