Should snow tires during winter season be mandatory?

November 9, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Health officials within the New Brunswick Medical Society are pushing to make driving with winter tires mandatory during the snowy season.

Some days, all seasons just don’t cut it as well.

President of the New Brunswick Medical Society, Dr. Dharm Singh, says all seasons aren’t “good enough and they cannot replace the advantage, which we get by installing winter tires.

They’ve recently launched an awareness campaign about the differences between all seasons & winter tires, and the serious advantage that winter tires provide to drivers.

The group is hoping the provincial government consider changing the Motor Vehicle Act to enforce winter tires be on all vehicles during the winter season.

Winter tires remain elastic, remain flexible even in treacherous conditions of winter, extreme cold, freezing conditions… They are safer when you drive them on the road compared to all-season tires.



More here: CBC

*Photo source: Acura Columbus

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