You read that right: Sweet Heat Skittles. Drool?

March 9, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

The funky colours & fancy flavours are enough to melt your heart — literally.

Just check out the names for these lil’ Skittlets!

New (potential) slogan: Taste the Flamebow.

The makers of Skittles have created Sweet Heat Skittles — and they are nothing to mess with.



The anticipation of trying some.

Wrigley, the makers of Skittles, spared no chill when they unleashed these. They took these Sweet Heat Skittles straight to a senior living complex to see if they could handle the heat.

Oh, you thought Wrigley stopped Sweet Heat at Skittles?


Looking to really mess with someone?? If you know your friends can stand the heat — Play some “Skittle Roulette” with a bowl of Skittles, mixed with both regular & Sweet Heat skittlets. *Disclaimer: Play responsibly*

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