Tamagotchi 20th anniversary returning to stores soon; preorders available in select retailers

October 10, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

The late 90s/early 2000s were plagued with them — almost everyone had one (or at least a rendition). For some, it even became a way of life.

…For about 2 weeks. Then, they either died (and you mourned your heart out for that pet), or got boring. Their lifespan of 8 days seemed like months, though.

Seriously — these things were the coolest.


Bandai will be re-releasing six different designs of a Tamagotchi 20th Anniversary edition, which select retailers across North America are currently accepting pre-orders for — I preordered the Transparent Blue one online at Indigo. You can also now reserve them online at EB Games (this retailer will ship a random one of the 6 variations).

The one downside to the re-release — Screen sizes are 20% smaller than the original already-tiny size.

These Tamagotchis be available in stores November 5.

People knew you were cool when they saw a Tamagotchi hanging from your hip.



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