Turn your Google Maps into Mario Kart GPS

March 12, 2018 | by: aaronarmstrong

In celebration of Mario Day (Mar. 10 — get it? Mario = Mar10), Nintendo has teamed up once again with Google Maps to allow everyone’s favourite plumber (aside from Tosh’s husband) to take control of your GPS for a week!

Whoever thought of this deserves a raise.

You only have until March 17 to take advantage of this feature (on both iOS and Android phones/tablets), so gather your banana peels & blue shells together:

  • Update Google Maps to the latest version
  • Open Google Maps (with your Location turned On)
  • Type in your destination, select it & press “Directions”
  • Instead of pressing “Start,” tap the grayed-out Question Box at the bottom

The Question Box will light up gold, you’ll hear a Mario Bros. coin sound effect chime in & it’ll ask if you’d like Mario to be your guide!


Google: “Ready to take a drive with Mario? He’ll start rolling out on Maps globally today, and will join you on your road trips for a week. Take a screenshot of your route and share it with @GoogleMaps on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MarioMaps. But remember, make sure to avoid sharing personal details like your home or work address (seriously, think before you post). Let’s-a go!”

When you arrive at your destination, Mario does a victory dance!

Looks like I’m going to be driving a lot more this next week. Nowhere special, just planning on cruising around with my pal Mario.

Just watch for blue shells & banana peels from his friend Luigi.

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