Warner Bros spend $25,000,000 reshooting & digitizing out Henry Cavill’s moustache for ‘Justice League’

July 26, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Moustache Impossible?? Not if money has a say in things.

Warner Bros. has their hands (and bank account) tied with re-shooting select scenes from the upcoming Justice League movie.

Re-shoots are a favourite pastime of WB with the DC Cinematic Universe series, as each movie (aside from Man of Steel) has gone through countless re-shoots following the completion of filming. I’m almost positive they’re filming the movie totally serious, then going back & adding comedy in select scenes, to try & compete against the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

…Which Marvel seems to get right the first time around.

The latest re-shooting includes scenes for ***SPOILER ALERT…?*** Henry Cavill, aka Superman — Yup, he’s back in this movie, following his… Uh, incapacitation in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

…But Warner Bros. is in a bit of a pickle, because Henry Cavill has grown a moustache.
…And he’s not allowed to shave it. Seriously!

Cavill’s been busy working on Mission: Impossible 6 the past few months — and wearing a fake moustache is out of the question, with the amount of action & stunts he’s been having to work on.

…So, WB is sucking it up, & doing the next best thing — digitize the moustache off his face for a measly $25,000,000 extra. Well, that’s the cost to pull off all the re-shoots, but it isn’t cheap.

Could you imagine how much it’d cost WB if Superman had a moustache-toting sidekick?!

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