November 10, 2017 | by: aaronarmstrong

Who is the Veteran on the back of the previous $10 bill?


While it’s good to keep a skeptical mind on things you read on the internet — sometimes it’s worth having an open mind.

When looking on the back of the previous $10 bill, you’ll see the National War Memorial Cenotaph, along with a veteran & two others paying respects in front of it.

The question that immediately comes to most minds: who is this war veteran?

There has been a social media posting that’s been circulating Facebook every Remembrance Day since 2008 — that claims the man’s name is Robert Metcalfe — and explains who he is, and the fights he has had to endure so long ago. That he was approached around 2007 for a photo shoot (given no information on what the photo would be used for), & his image was used on the back of the $10 bill.

The problem is, upon doing research, 99% of websites & information aren’t able to actually prove this picture is that of Robert Metcalfe — family & friends (even his own daughter) believes it is Metcalfe on the back of the $10 bill, and that the Bank of Canada had decided to conceal the information instead of paying recognition to Metcalfe.

In 2008, The Globe & Mail had done some “fact checking” of their own, and brought some information to life — that the Bank of Canada, as well as the Royal Canadian Legion, say as many as five veterans were used to create the picture we recognize on our $10 bills.

“Officialdom, namely the Royal Canadian Legion and the Bank of Canada, insist that the figure on the right-hand side of the bill is not Mr. Metcalfe at all, but a composite image of as many as five veterans.

“Yes, it looks a little bit like Bob Metcalfe, but it’s not entirely him,” said national Legion spokesman Bob Butt. “I’ve met a guy from Quebec who says it looks like him, and you get other people’s friends saying it looks like them. We believe what we’ve been told [by the Bank of Canada], that it’s a compilation.”

Bank spokeswoman Monica Lamoureux said the man on the back of the bill, designed to commemorate Remembrance Day and peacekeeping, is intended to represent all Canadian veterans.

So official word claims it’s not just one veteran we are seeing in that image — it’s as many as five, representing every veteran as a whole.

We’d love to see, and one day maybe we will, original images of the veterans from that photo shoot.

Source: Globe and Mail



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