November 30, 2018 | by: Aaron Armstrong

Winter Parking Ban now in effect

Heads up: the dreaded Moncton overnight winter parking ban is here.

Don’t let your car get caught in downtown plow’s way.

“In accordance with the City of Moncton By-law T-310, it is not permitted to park a vehicle on any Moncton street from December 1 to April 15 between 12am and 7am.

This measure is necessary in order to allow for efficient and safe snow removal and ice control operations.

Non-compliant vehicle owners are subject to a fine and their vehicle could be towed at their expense. The City would like to thank its citizens for their understanding and continued support in making our streets safer through the winter season.”

In addition, the Downtown Overnight Parking Pilot Project will be back for a third year. When conditions warrant, overnight parking restrictions will be lifted in the downtown area encompassing King Street to Vaughan Harvey Boulevard (east to west) and St. George Street to Assomption Boulevard (north to south).

Regular overnight parking restrictions in this section of downtown will be enforced unless noted otherwise. Motorists will be responsible for verifying if the overnight parking restrictions have been lifted.

Check out the City of Moncton’s Overnight Parking map to verify if the overnight parking restrictions have been lifted for a particular night.

The decision to lift the restrictions will be based on the following factors: 

  • planned snow clearing activities 
  • forecasted weather

This measure is done on an annual basis to allow for adequate and safe snow clearing and ice control operations.

Regular overnight parking restrictions in the pilot area will be enforced unless noted otherwise.

The City will not be responsible for motorists who receive parking tickets if parked overnight when the restrictions are in place.