March 26, 2018 - April 20, 2018

Want to have some fun? Want to win some cash?  Today’s Best Music K945 presents the Great K945 Scavenger Hunt!  Check out our website each weekday for the daily item.  There will be 20 in total!  Whoever gets the most can win five thousand dollars cash!  It’s fun and it could be profitable for you!

*Please note – The Scavenger Hunt wraps up on air on April 20th. Participants are required to register online no later than April 20 (11:59pm), in advance of the finale, which will be held in the K945 studio building on Saturday, April 28th between 9 am and 12 noon.  Also, you must only collect one of each item. 

*Registration is now closed*


  1. A 1982 Canadian 5¢ coin
  2. A Sears Catalogue
  3. A Yo-Yo
  4. A business card from a Moncton lawyer
  5. A VHS Tape
  6. A Britney Spears CD
  7. A receipt for exactly 10¢ worth of gas (tax included)
  8. A fortune cookie (with the fortune still inside)
  9. An airline bag tag showing YQM on it
  10. A rotary dial telephone
  11. A picture of yourself OR one of your K945 Great Scavenger Hunt teammates shaking hands with a uniformed Moncton area Firefighter (Moncton/Riverview/Dieppe)
  12. A 1992 Canadian 25¢ coin
  13. A bank deposit slip for $9.45 (must be an ATM receipt OR stamped by the bank)
  14. A Moncton Wildcats program
  15. A picture of you (or one of your teammates) with an all-black cat
  16. A Canadian bank note (of any amount) with FOUR ZEROS in the serial number
  17. A picture of you (or one of your teammates) being pushed in a shopping cart
  18. An airline boarding pass
  19. A plastic flamingo 
  20. A picture of you (or one of your teammates) with a person who is 85 years of age (or older), holding their photo ID (birth date must be visible in photo)

We invite all registered players to our offices on Saturday, April 28th between 9 and noon to be judged on their findings!

Info for April 28th:

PLEASE BRING IDENTIFICATION!  You will be required to confirm your identity in order to register your items.

Only registered players are eligible to attend the item count on Saturday, April 28th.

A few items to consider:

  • Only one member of a team has to be present for the item count.
  • If a single team wins, they are to split their portion of the prize money equally amongst each other. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be evenly distributed.
  • In the case of multiple participants who are part of a team/group, the team/group counts as 1 participant.
  • The decisions of K945 judges panel are final.