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May 6, 2021 | by: Mary Sullivan

Easy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas During Covid!

MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEAS (that you can do even during quarantine):
☞ Make her breakfast in bed: Yes, it’s an oldie but a goodie, but it’s a great way for mom to kickstart her day. Make breakfast as a family while she sleeps, then present it to her along with gifts and a card. (Next, pay someone to clean the kitchen before she sees it…)
☞ Host a virtual Mother’s Day celebration: If you can’t be with her, meet via Zoom or Skype and bring the party to mom. You can play a game, ask attendees to bake a Mother’s Day cake beforehand, and have Mom open up her Mother’s Day presents in front of everyone. (Invite your siblings too…or not…)
☞ Virtual cooking class: Make an elaborate meal for her by attending a virtual cooking class. Mom can get in on the fun, or she can enjoy from the comfort of the couch. (As if Mom is going to let you cook without her overseeing things…)
☞ Clean house: Take something off her to-do list by cleaning house, or handling any of the chores that others depend on her for. Keep it up, even after Mother’s Day.
☞ Set up a scrapbooking session: Better than digital! Buy a scrapbook, print off pics of a family trip or just a few favorites you know mom loves, then get to work. Not only will she enjoy the keepsake, but she’ll definitely love reminiscing.
☞ At home spa: Let her relax and focus on self-care. Set up an at-home spa…it could be a bath, an elaborate skincare routine, or a massage. Let her relax in a spa-like environment from the safety and comfort of her own home.